We have been an innovator in the exhibit and display industry since 1928.


    Compelling visuals and interactive elements are part of every Hartwig exhibit.


    A Hartwig exhibit sets up fast, ships for less and flawlessly reflects your unique identity.

Let's build something AMAZING together.

We are a full-service exhibit and display company. We design, build and manage experiences for trade shows, events and interiors.
We offer hundreds of customized products, from small portable sales kits to massive theatrical brand environments.
Our mission is to provide unmatched value by tayloring our services to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

  • 30' x 50' Design for CREE
  • Win a Harley-Davidson Display
  • Cubes Theme Design
  • MoneyGram Kiosk
  • BodyGlove Aisle View
  • Joy Global Modular Exhibit
  • Corner Conference Room with SEG Graphics
  • 20' x 20' Full Cubic Height
  • Carmex Tools Modular Truss Design
  • Dual Double Deck Conference Rooms
  • Monolithic Lightboxes Concept
  • 30' x 30' Modular Rental Concept
  • Crated Bathroom Exhibit Module
  • Theatrically Lit Fabric Concept
  • Double Deck Exhibit Concept for CES

    what we do

    creatE immersive experiences

    With attention to every last detail.

    Exhibit Design

    In an industry where everyone seems to be trying to re-invent the wheel, we use our 88 years of exhibit experience to create a system of unmatched quality and lasting value.
    Exhibit Design
    Exhibit Design

    Portable Exhibit Solutions

    We augment our custom exhibit services with the best portable display products on the market. Store your displays at Hartwig and manage your shows and asset inventories with our easy to use web app.
    Portable Exhibit Solutions
    Portable Exhibit Solutions

    Corporate Interiors

    We also create compelling installations for corporate communication. Does your office environment need graphics, displays, or installations that engage and educate? We design, build and install graphic information centers that perfectly reflect your brand.
    Corporate Interiors
    Corporate Interiors

    Hartwig Services

    Our Systems Get the Job Done

    Saving you time and resources



    For more than 80 years, the core of our business has been thoughtful, effective design. We design to solve the problems inherent in encouraging interaction with your brand and products.



    We have extensive custom fabrication experience in a varied range of disciplines. We combine state-of-the-art technology with old-world craftsmanship to make amazing, functional exhibits and displays that entertain, educate, and engage.



    Storing your assets in our climate-controlled warehouse does more than just save you space. Using our storage service insures that your assets are at the ready when you need them. All storage accounts feature an online "Store" where you easily manage reservations and track asset usage.



    Regardless of where your event is, we have world-wide logistical systems in place to make sure everything gets there, and everything gets back, without you having to worry about it.



    Is trade show paperwork taking too much of your valuable time?. Let us do it for you! Meticulously, efficiently, affordably!



    This website does a lot more than tell you about Hartwig. Manage display assets. Book events. Track project progress, and get access to a complete archive of everything we do for you.


    Creatively. With a System, a Plan

    and a consistent focus on your unique circumstances.

    We Start With a Conversation

    We Start With a Conversation

    We understand that our business is based on a working relationship. We start by listening to your ideas and objectives. We'll ask questions and give you detailed information to help you make informed decisions. Once we find possible solutions that work for you, we'll take the next step.

    We Put Our Heads Together

    We Put Our Heads Together

    After talking with you, your account rep will sit down with the appropriate creative and technical personnel for a brainstorming session. We'll hammer out a plan and begin drawing up designs.

    We Provide a Detailed Proposal

    We Provide a Detailed Proposal

    Within a few days, we'll send you a detailed proposal complete with 3D renderings, sample materials and itemized costs.


    Creative People. EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE.

    Our Experience

    Hartwig Exhibit and Display was established in 1928 by Walter Hartwig. We are still family-owned and operated by Walter’s grandsons. Throughout our history we have been an innovator of interactive exhibits for World’s Fairs, Museums, Mobile Advertising and Trade Shows. We have built a reputation for thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and whatever-it-takes customer service.
    We now operate as a full-service exhibit house, providing creative conceptual design, state-of-the-art fabrication, technological integration, and turn-key show services including on-site supervision, I&D, and complete world-wide logistics.
    Our ever expanding skillset includes:

  • • Experience Design
  • • Lighting Design
  • • Graphic Design & Print Production
  • • Video Production & Animation
  • • 3-Dimensional Modeling and Rendering
  • • Mechanical Motion Engineering
  • • Electronics, Automation & Wiring
  • • Information Technology, Web Integration and more.
  • Our Philosophy

    We are a nimble, service-oriented company. Our mission is to deliver unmatched value by perfectly tailoring our services to fit your needs and budget. We work with you to build amazing, beautiful, functional things that get your buyers excited about your products. Our success is measured only by your success, and your continued satisfaction.

    Your Advantage

    Each one of our employees is a master in their field with unmatched experience and abilities. We have built incredible capacity through an extensive network of vendors and technicians. We offer personalized service with more options and more flexibility. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time exhibitor, you will love working with Hartwig.

    Let's build something AMAZING together!

    • Illuminated Decks
    • Backlit SEG Fabric
    • Fully Functional Demonstrations
    • Rustic Textures
    • Seamless Construction
    • Innovative Product Showcases
    • Consistent, Brand-Standard Executions.
    • Outdoor Contests
    • Innovative Graphics and AV
    • Creative Experts in Modular Systems
    • Go Larger for Less
    • Consistent Colors in Light and Print
    • Turn-Key Portable Fleet Systems
    • Compelling Graphic Design
    • Portable Sales Kits

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      Let's build something AMAZING together!

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